Lightning Tutorial

Lightning Component Development tutorial for  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance.



  1. Why Lightning?
  2. What are the requirements to use Lightning Components?
  3. Create your first Lightning Component.
  4. Style your component.
  5. Create a simple form using Lightning Component.
  6. Send data to Apex using Components.
  7. Insert/Update/Delete/Upsert records using components.
    1. Insert record.
    2. Update record
    3. Delete
    4. Upsert
  8. Fetch data using Apex and show into Lightning Components.
  9. Introduction of Events.
  10. Assignment.



  1. Standard Controller for Lightning Component (LDS)
  2. Using events into components
  3. Application Events
  4. Component Events.
  5. System Event
  6. Assignment.
  7. Replacing Detail page javascript button with Lightning Quick Action.
  8. Using  of Collections in Lightning Component
  9. Assignment



  1. Lightning OUT
  2. will update soon…