Salesforce Certified Administrator – Spring ’18 Release Exam

Salesforce has announced “Spring ’18 Release Exam” and if you are planning to give the “Salesforce Certified Administrator – Spring ’18 Release Exam” then below are the tips to clear the exam.

Salesforce Certified Administrator - Spring '18 Release Exam
Salesforce Certified Administrator – Spring ’18 Release Exam

I would recommend you to read the release notes rather than giving the exam with the help of the Q&A because reading the release notes will give you more knowledge and you can learn a lot.

Below are some key topics which you can go through before attempting the release exam.

  1. Go through with the release notes. Here is the link for the same.
  2. Campaign Management and Campaign path with the Process. Refer this link.
  3. The concept of Opportunity Split in Salesforce. Also, refer this and this link.
  4. Files: Managing Library Membership, File Preview on the Go, Using Quip with Salesforce. Refer this Link.
  5. Custom Lightning Theme. Refer this Link.
  6. Case Management. Refer the Link here.
  7. Opportunity Management. Refer this Link.
  8. Reports and Dashboards: Lightning Experience. Refer this Link.
  9. Lightning Knowledge.

Go through with the above topics and then attempt the Exam.

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