Configure Migration Tool for deployment Apache ANT Migration Tool Prerequisites for Using the Migration Tool Before you can use the Migration Tool, Java and Ant must be installed and configured correctly. If you already have Java and Ant on your computer, you don’t need to install them, so first verify the installation from a Read More

How to Call Salesforce API from Lightning Component

You may have heard about that we can not make the Salesforce API Call directly from the lightning component. If you do make the callout from the lightning component then you will get the below error INVALID_SESSION_ID:This session is not valid for use with the API. For Example when you Read More

Dynamic Binding Salesforce Lightning Component

Welcome back All, here we will learn about the dynamic field of Lightning Component. As Most of you must be aware of that In Lightning, Component Dynamic component is not available. Recently I was working on one of my projects and implemented the Dynamic binding using the lightning component so I am Read More

Create Your First Lightning Component

Create Your First Lightning Component In this article, we will learn how to create a first lightning component with all the basic component description. Prerequisite: –  Lightning Experience must be enabled. My Domain Must be enabled and deployed. Click here to set up one if you do not already have Read More

Prerequisites to use Lightning Components

Before You Begin To work with Lightning apps and components, follow these prerequisites. Create a Developer Edition organization Define a Custom Salesforce Domain Name   Create a Developer Edition Organization You only need to create a Developer Edition org if you don’t already have one. In your browser, go to Read More