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Welcome to #SfdcPanther and on this page, you will get all the articles related to #SalesforceAdmin topics. This page also shows all the list of topics that are going to be upload to the #SFDCPanther YouTube channel and blog post.

  1. How to Setup Queue Based Routing using Omni Channel
  2. Skill-Based Routing using Omni Channel
  3. A Salesforce Administrator’s Guide to Duplicate Management
  4. Salesforce | Roll-Up Summary using Flow

Salesforce Security Model

  1. Organization Level Security
  2. Object Level Security
  3. Record Level Security
    1. Organization-Wide Defaults & Role Hierarchy
    2. Sharing Rules in Salesforce
    3. Manual Sharing
    4. Apex Managed Sharing
    5. Account Teams in Salesforce
    6. Opportunity Team in Salesforce
    7. Case Team in Salesforce
    8. Access Records using Queues
    9. Access Records using Public Groups
    10. Salesforce Territory Management
    11. Implicit Sharing
  4. Field Level Security in Salesforce

Relationships in Salesforce

  1. Lookup
  2. Master-Detail ( kind of lookup )
  3. Many to Many
  4. Hierarchical ( special relationship )
  5. External Lookup 
  6. Indirect Lookup
  7. You can also add ( self lookup )
  8. Polymorphism Relationship

Processes in Salesforce

  1. Sales Process in Salesforce
  2. Lead Process in Salesforce
  3. Support Process in Salesforce

Approval process in Salesforce

  1. Simple Approval Process
  2. Multi-Step Approval process
  3. Submit Approval Process automatically

Record Types in Salesforce

  1. Introduction
  2. Record Types into Actions

Quick Text in Salesforce

Macros in Salesforce

I will keep adding the content.

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