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Here on this page, you will get to learn the basic concept of apex development from crux to core. Below are the topics from where you can starts with :-

  1. Collection in Salesforce part 1 (LIST)
  2. Collection in Salesforce Part 2(Set & Map)
  3. Loops in Salesforce
  4. SOQL in Salesforce
  5. SOSL in Salesforce
  6. Outbound Message in Salesforce
  7. Introduction to Apex Trigger
  8. Context Variable in Salesforce Trigger
  9. Introduction to Batch Apex
  10. Work with Batch Apex
  11. Call out from Batch Apex
  12. Scheduler Class in Salesforce
  13. All about Future Apex
  14. QueueAble Apex
  15. Apex Trigger Scenario 1 (Rollup Summary in Lookup relationship) using Aggregate Query
  16. Apex Trigger Scenario 1.1 (Rollup Summary in Lookup relationship) using Map in salesforce
  17. Apex Trigger Scenario 2 ( Prevent Duplicate Lead/Contact)
  18. Apex Trigger Scenario 3 (Error Message if Account has Closed Won Opportunity & User is Deleting Account)
  19. Apex Trigger Framework
  20. Introduction to Test Class Part 1
  21. Write Your First Test Class
  22. Use of @TestSetup method in Test Class
  23. Use TestUtility Class in Apex Test Class
  24. Testing Batch Apex
  25. Testing @Future & Queueable Apex
  26. CPU Time Exceed Error in Apex

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