A Salesforce Administrator’s Guide to Duplicate Management

Managing duplicate is an ongoing problem Salesforce administrators are dealing with on a daily basis and as the volume of data grows, this problem only worsens. This is why Salesforce administrators are always on the lookout for new methods and tools that could help them deal with this problem. We Read More

Extract Text From Image using Google Cloud Vision API

Dear Readers, Welcome again! 🙂 In previous post, we learned about how to authenticate with Google Cloud API. If you have not read, you can read the full blog Here. In this post, we are going to learn how to use Google Cloud API to Extract the Text ( both Read More

Google OCR & Vision API Introduction & Authentication

Hi #Ohana, Welcome back, it has been a while. In this blog post, we will talk about what Google OCR & Vision APIs are and how to get access token using the Salesforce VF page and apex class. Introduction to Google Cloud Vision API GC ( google cloud ) provides Read More

Salesforce Project – Real-time

Welcome #Trailblazers, So, in this blog post we are going to talk about a real-time salesforce project which we will be implementing together. Benefit of taking this salesforce project will be that you will be able to get the idea about salesforce project and how to approach to solve a Read More

Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer (SP20)!

Integration Architecture Designer: My Experience

Dear Readers, Recently I have passed my Integration Architecture Designer (SP20) exam. I this post, I will be sharing my experience and tips to pass the exam. ABOUT THE EXAM Exam Outline Below is the outline of the exam, the topics and the weitage Salesforce Integration Capabilities: 28% Salesforce Integration Read More

Image Classification using Einstein Platform API

Hey Everyone, Welcome again, in this blog post we are going to learn how we can leverage the Einstein Platform API to predict the image. OR we can also say Einstein prediction/classification API to predict the image. In the previous post, we learned how we can extract the text from Read More

Create Contact/Lead from the business card using Einstein OCR API

Hey Everyone, Welcome back 🙂 , In this blog post, we are going to learn how to read the details from the Business Card or Visiting card and then create either lead/contact or any custom object record. To read the business card we need to send the task body parameters Read More