Compute Expression in Einstein Analytics

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Compute expression is the most powerful tool which allows you to add additional fields, additional derived fields into the dataset without changing/altering the source data.

In this blog, we are going to sort the stages based on our business need instead of using the standard sort order which does follow the alphabet order.

Below is the image before sorting the stage values

We wanted to sort the Stages like below

To Achieve this, we are going to use compute expression while preparing the dataset inside the Dataflow

We are using Case statement here to check the stage name values and then assigning the new value for the sage. Below is the formula

when 'Opp.StageName' == "Id. Decision Makers" then "[1] Id. Decision Makers"
when 'Opp.StageName' == "Value Proposition" then "[2] Value Proposition"
when 'Opp.StageName' == "Prospecting" then "[3] Prospecting"
when 'Opp.StageName' == "Qualification" then "[4] Qualification"
when 'Opp.StageName' == "Needs Analysis" then "[5] Needs Analysis"
when 'Opp.StageName' == "Negotiation/Review" then "[6] Negotiation/Review"
when 'Opp.StageName' == "Perception Analysis" then "[7] Perception Analysis"
when 'Opp.StageName' == "Proposal/Price Quote" then "[8] Proposal/Price Quote"
when 'Opp.StageName' == "Closed Won" then "[9] Closed Won"
else "[9] Closed Lost"

Note: – We have used # because # will give us the stages in the orders.

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