Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer (SP20)!

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Recently I have passed my Integration Architecture Designer (SP20) exam. I this post, I will be sharing my experience and tips to pass the exam.


Exam Outline

Below is the outline of the exam, the topics and the weitage

  • Salesforce Integration Capabilities: 28%
  • Salesforce Integration Patterns: 17%
  • Enterprise Integration Architecture Concepts: 15%
  • Salesforce Integration Testing: 10%
  • Integrating with Salesforce Security: 15%
  • Tools: 10%
  • Monitoring: 5%

Note: – If you are looking for dumps then this post is not for you.

This is how I scored in the exam

How did I prepare for the Exam

I have been working with Integration from the last 4.6+ years and have implemented min 50+ integrations. Apart from that, I have referred the below links

  • Architect Journey: Integration Architecture Trailmix by #Trailhead – I will highly recommend completing this trail mix and the end goal should be practical implementations not to complete trail mix. In the end, you will get the hands-on exercises that you can practice.
  1. Integration using Salesforce Apex – a Playlist by #SFDCPanther
  2. Integration Pattern by Jitendra Zaa in #ApexHours
  3. Integration Pattern Salesforce Developer Blog
  4. When to use Which API? SOAP vs REST vs Chatter vs Bulk vs Streaming
  5. Outbound Message in Workflow rule. Note: – Salesforce outbound message can get the acknowledge from 3rd party
  6. Named Credentials in Salesforce
  7. How to use Lightning Connect in Salesforce.
  8. Play with External Objects in Salesforce
  9. Canvas application in Salesforce Lightning.
  10. Concept of Certificate and Keys
  11. Use of ETL tool and ESB tool.

These are the above topics which had many questions in the exam. with this I wish you all the best for your exam and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me here.

Some additional tips from my side

  • 1-2 answers will always be wrong, eliminate them
  • From the remaining 2-3, you have your answer.
  • If you are not able to find the correct answer then find the wrong answers and remaining is your answer.
  • If you are confused, go with salesforce native functionality.
  • Always look for a declarative approach like the outbound message, an external object, lightning connect, canvas application. If the solution is not achievable then use middleware or ETL and then use Apex ( least priority )
Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer (SP20)!
Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer (SP20)!

Wish you all the best for your exam (Y) #ArchitectMindSet #AskPanther #SFDCPanther #SayNoToDumps #DoNotBlazeSuchCertification

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  1. Caution folks: Even though the study path and the trailmix may still be the same but Scoring Sections have been revamped completely.

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