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Welcome back, so today we are going to talk about what Mulesoft is how and how it plays a significant role in a business. Here is the agenda that we are going to discuss.

  1. What is Integration & why we need it?
  2.  Introduction to API
  3. Introduction to Mulesoft & API Led Connectivity
  4.  Create your first Mulesoft Project
  5.  Q&A

What is Integration

  1. Integration is nothing but an act of bringing smaller component together in order to work as a single product.
  2.  If we talk about in IT context, Integration refers to end result which works together to serve/function as a single entity.

Let’s discuss an example, a person went to the market to purchase daily grocery & daily needs items & suddenly person remember that he/she forgot the wallet in his/her home. In this case, the person needs to go to the bank to withdraw the money and again go back to the market. This will lead time consuming and frustrating. If we talk same in business terms then it may lead to a huge loss. Here is the image for the same.

Introduction to API

  1.  An API is an Application Programming Interface.
  2.  API provides the information, how to communicate with a different software component. Defining the 
    • Operations ( What to Call ). For Example, GET, POST, DELETE, PUT, PATCH
    • Inputs ( What to send with a Call ). Example, Id in the URL or a complete JSON/XML body
    • Output ( What you get back from the call ).
    • Object Structure ( Object Data Types ). JSON/XML data structure
  3.  API is a URL which is consumed by Machine ( System ) communicate between 2 or more bodies ( machines ).

Introduction to Mulesoft

Mulesoft is an ESB which is basically a middleware tool for integrating various applications together over a bus-like infrastructure. Fundamentally, it is an architecture designed to provide a uniform means of moving work among integrated applications. In this way, with the help of ESB architecture, we can connect different applications through a communication bus and enable them to communicate without depending on one another.


API Led Connectivity 

api-led connectivity

API-led connectivity is a methodical way to connect data to applications through reusable and purposeful APIs. These APIs are developed to play a specific role – unlocking data from systems, composing data into processes, or delivering an experience.

what is api-led connectivity

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