Journey of a small village boy from unknown to known personality

When we talk about Success or see the successful people around, we think they turned to the known stars overnight, but we forget to see and understand their continuous efforts, their struggling days and nights, their efforts, their positive attitude, their dedication and a feeling to turn every failure to Success. Becoming a helping hand and hope for many from the Crowd, itself a big achievement.

Currently, I am working as a Salesforce Developer and aiming to achieve more using the same platform. My next target is to become the Certified Technical Architect. But when I look back, I realized the hard work and efforts I put to become a successful developer from the struggling trainee.  

I am not ashamed in mentioning that I am the same person who was not able to understand the English language which was itself the big barrier in my Success, it gave me so much of headache. I never saw the computer before my graduation. The computer was a new toy for me and when I opened it for the first time, typing my name on it was a 3 hours task for me but all that struggling environment and the criticism from many on daily basis was not able to break me. When everybody announced me as the big looser, my inner self never accepted the same and that was the day when I decided to turn my every failure into a big Success. That one thought and my passion to become Successful changed everything for me.

After getting the failures in many Interviews (Approx. 25-30), I finally got selected in a small Company name as “Astrea IT Services” based in India and that gave a Kick to my technical carrier. I still have those days in my mind when I took 15 days just to write very small triggers and then people compared me with my colleagues saying look at them, where you stand in front of them but all those sarcasm were my strength which motives me to prove everybody wrong and today where I am, is a big slap to all my criticizers.

As my journey was so much struggling and there no mental and emotional support available with me and when it comes to technical, a long list of tasks was always there with no help but that was the life changing Opportunity for me and I take all the challenges in the positive manner and start adapting myself as per the challenges. I used to work for 17 hours which made my base strong and because of that hard work, today I am capable to help many because I understand how it feels when you want a single positive hope in your life but there isn’t any.

Today, I have more than 3 years of Salesforce experience and in these 3 years I am 11*Salesforce Certified. Few of my achievements are mentioned below:

  1. The biggest achievement which I consider is my inbox which is always full for the help requests and I love to see and resolve those messages on daily basis.  I devote my 5 hours on daily basis to help people who are willing to learn but need a small push.
  2. Today, I am capable enough to write a Blog named as SFDC Panther and have a YouTube channel which I exclusively start on the request of many where they want lightning videos. When it comes to community and helping people, I am continuously in the top 10 from last 2 years without any failure. Because of my Passion to help my Ohana and behavior to uplift everyone to make the Ohana stronger, I got a chance to Lead the Faridabad Admin Group.

The mentality on which I strongly believe, and follow is “If you will not help yourself, no one else is going to help you.” Keeping that one thought in mind I am travelling from many years towards successful growth in Salesforce. The keen interest and dedication to learn new things always helps me to gather the updated information about Salesforce. I genuinely value and care about my Ohana which always strengthen me to Learn and guide others with my knowledge. Keep learning and adapting new things is always a plus for me.“Your background or birth place doesn’t define your Success, it is your zeal to achieve everything bigger which defines your Success.” Never ever under estimate yourself, just keep moving with the positive attitude and one day success would be with you is the rule which I follow.