Welcome back again developers :). In our previous session we saw how you can work with Lightning Base component and we also created a basic percentage calculator.

Find the agenda for day 3

  1. Attributes in Lightning Component
  2. Data Types in Lightning component
  3. Collection in Lightning component
    1. List
    2. Set
    3. Map
    4. Array
  4. Value Providers in Lightning component
  5. How to call JS method from Component
  6. Call Server Side(JavaScript) action on button click

Happy Learning 🙂 Happy Trailblazing 😉

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4 thoughts on “Lightning Component Development Series Day 3”

    1. v is used to access the value of the Attribute in aura component.
      c is used to call the action of either from aura component to JavaScript Controller or From JavaScript Controller/Helper to Apex Class.

      Hope it is clear to you now.


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