Hey Guys, Welcome to Lightning Development Series.

In this tutorial, you will learn about how to put the validation in the Lightning input and learn about Lightning Event. Here is the agenda for Day 6

  1. Add a new method in Apex Class to insert the Contact and return the inserted contact.
  2. Modify the JS Controller code to call the method with required parameters.
  3. Refresh the Contact List to show all list of related contact with account.
  4. Error handling in JS Controller.
  5. Validate input using JS code.
  6. Create BeerSearch Component UI
  7. Introduction to events
  8. Create a Component Event
  9. Register and Fire the Component Event

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4 thoughts on “Lightning Component Development Series Day 6”

  1. Hi Amit,
    I m learning Lightning comp thru ur videos and it’s really very useful and easily to learn quickly.

    Can u please send me the Object details to be created for this session?


  2. Hi Amit,
    where you have taken the parameters varSoFar and inputCmp what does it mean….could you please provide me with any link so that i can understand.

    thanks and regards,

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