Lightning Component Development Day 8 Agenda

  1. Introduction to Events.
  2. System Events
  3. Component Event
  4. Application Event
  5. Browser Event
  6. Create Component which shows how System example
    • Init (constructor)
    • Value change(change the value in any attribute)
  7. Lab Work for Project
    • Enhance the record css and add the Image
    • Show the record on load of the pade
    • Add view info button and see more information about the record.

One thought on “Lightning Component Development Sessions Day 8”

  1. Hi Amit,
    After this session all the beer records are loading on doInit. But search was not working.
    I was getting an error “An internal server error has occurred↵Error ID: 622419178-3555 (-2139940371)” in the console.
    What i did is i reduced the columns in the first query where the search records are fetched. Could you please let me know why i was getting this error?


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