Welcome back to EINSTEIN ANALYTICS series part2. In this, tutorial we are going to start analyzing the data for Sales Rep, Sales Manager and many other Salesforce users. We are going to learn the below concepts that will help us throughout the series.

  1. Create Dataset using Salesforce
  2. Create Lenses using the data set.
  3. Create a Dashboard

Before we start doing the practical work be sure that you have signup for Salesforce Analytics enabled Org. If not visit this link and signup for the same. See this tutorial video OR follow the below steps.

Now, let’s starts building some cool things using Einstein Analytics.

1- Create Account DataSet using Salesforce : –

  • Login into Salesforce => Click on App launcher => Click on “Analytics Studio” to open the studio.

  • Click on Create on the right and Select App. For Template, Select “Blank App” and hit continue. Give Name and Hit Create.
  • Click on Create on the right side and then Select “Dataset“, Select Salesforce and Click Continue.
  • For dataset name Enter “Accounts“, For Add to new dataflow enter “Accounts Dataflow” and click next. it will open a new tab to create the data flow. From the List of sObjects Select Account and then hit next
  • Click on the > arrow and then Select Fields, Select and then Selects the fields that you wanted to select then hit Save. You will get a popup and click on Propagate, Update Dataflow and Run Dataflow, Go to Data monitor.

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2 – Create Lenses using the data set: –In the previous step, we create the Dataflow using Salesforce. Now, let us create a lense using the same data flow. Open the application that you created and then Click on Datasets Tab where you will get the data flow that you created. Click on the DataSet and a new Lens will automatically be open.

  • Before we start developing the lens, let’s have a look at the requirement so that we can create the lens according to that.
  • The requirement is to show the list of All Accounts by Industry and Account Type. Also, show the Sum of Annual Revenue and Sum of Employees
  • Also, show the Top Accounts By Revenue.

3 – Create a Dashboard:-It’s time to create the dashboard where we will put all the Lenses and Steps to achieve the above requirement. Click on Create and then Select “Dashboard“, Select the Summary dashboard among available dashboard and hit continue. Name it and Select the Application that we created and hit Create.


Here is the Link to YouTube Video –

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