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Welcome again, In this blog post, we will discuss how result binding in einstein analytics.

Result Binding – Result binding is used to get the result from the Setp1 and use it in the second step. Let’s have a look into the below UseCase which will give a better idea about Result Binding.

Scenario – We wanted to get the Sum of the Amount for the top 5 Opportunities which are grouped by Industry.

Solution – If we try to achieve the above scenario in a single step it is nearly impossible to do so as first we need to fetch Top 5 Opportunities by Industry and then do the sum of Amount.

Solution Approach – We need to divide the above problem statement in 2 Steps.

Step 1- Get the Top 5 Opportunities and Group them by Industry.

Step 2 – First Get the result of Step1 where we wanted to get the Industry & then filter the step2 by industry and generate the sum of amount.

Here is the working example for you

Result Binding in Einstein Analytics

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