Salesforce Apex Trigger Questions & Answers

Salesforce Apex Trigger Questions & Answer


Hi Folks,

Here are some sample questions that we discussed in this session.

  • What is Apex Trigger?
  • When to use ApexTrigger over automation tools like Process, WFR, Flow, Validation Rule?
  • supports on which trigger event, trigger.newmap supports on which trigger event?
  • Trigger.old supports on which trigger event, trigger.oldmap supports on which trigger event?
  • What are some examples based on trigger events, like when to use after events and before events?
  • How to start with salesforce apex?
  • How to prevent recursive trigger?
  • Can we make callout from Apex Trigger?
  • Can we call trigger from another trigger?
  • Can we call batch from apex trigger?
  • Can we schedule a class from apex trigger?
  • What are context variables in the apex trigger?
  • How many triggers we can create in a Single Object?
  • When to use Trigger.New & Trigger.old in Trigger?

Below is the Recording of the Session