Salesforce Apex Trigger Questions & Answers

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Here are some sample questions that we discussed in this session.

  • What is Apex Trigger?
  • When to use ApexTrigger over automation tools like Process, WFR, Flow, Validation Rule?
  • supports on which trigger event, trigger.newmap supports on which trigger event?
  • Trigger.old supports on which trigger event, trigger.oldmap supports on which trigger event?
  • What are some examples based on trigger events, like when to use after events and before events?
  • How to start with salesforce apex?
  • How to prevent recursive trigger?
  • Can we make callout from Apex Trigger?
  • Can we call trigger from another trigger?
  • Can we call batch from apex trigger?
  • Can we schedule a class from apex trigger?
  • What are context variables in the apex trigger?
  • How many triggers we can create in a Single Object?
  • When to use Trigger.New & Trigger.old in Trigger?

Below is the Recording of the Session

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  1. Hi Amith,
    Thanks for your detailed answers but there is a disturbance in this audio, few words are not clearly audible. is it possible to add subtitle to this video so that any viewers can follow you even voice is not clear. Just a suggestion.


    1. Hi Prathap,

      It’s a great Suggestion. Unfortunately! it is not possible to add the SubTitle now but I will post the answers of All the questions very soon.

      Thanks & Regards,

  2. Amit ji your SF videos are simply awesome.
    Thank you so much for helping others to build their career in Salesforce.
    Thank you..

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