Last week I appeared in the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II Multiple Choice SP18 exam and was able to pass the exam successfully on my first attempt. So, I would like to share my experience with all of you as it may help many of you to get pass the exam.

As all of you know that Salesforce has made the changes to the PD II certificate so that Salesforce Developers can earn in an easy way. From 31-Jan-2017, Salesforce Platform Developer certificate can be done in 2 steps: –


  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Pattern.
  • Earn 4 Superbadges from Trailhead – Apex Specialist, Data Integration Specialist, Lightning Component Framework Specialist and Advanced Apex Specialist.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Pattern.

  • 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
  • 120 minutes allotted to complete the exam (time allows for unscored questions)
  • 63% is the passing score


Below is the list of component and materials(with links) that I did study before appearing in the certification exam.

  1. If I talk about the priority then I preferred the standard Salesforce study guide and trailhead trail mix to prepare and perform the hands-on challenges to get the clear picture of the concept. Salesforce Study Guide and Trailmix
  2. Secondary, I go through with the Quiz that is available on “” site. Note for this quiz is that please do not be stick to the answers of the Quiz. Do study/hands-on/investigate and then be sure about the answer.


Topics that need to go through to pass the certification: –

  • Apex Design pattern
  • Salesforce recommends the following training resources to guide your study:
  • SOAP API Developer’s Guide: Standard Objects
  • Apex Code Developer’s Guide: Using Salesforce Features with Apex
  • About Advanced Currency Management
  • Visualforce Developer’s Guide: apex:page
  • Compound fields book in the SOAP API Development guide: Object Basics –Compound Fields
  • SOAP API Developer’s Guide: upsert()
  • Choosing the Right Automation Tool Trailhead. Workflow and Processbuilder
  • Visual Workflow Implementation Guide
  • Actions Developer’s Guide: Apex Actions
  • Apex Code Developer’s Guide: Writing Apex – Classes, Objects, and Interfaces -Annotations
  • Apex Code Developer’s Guide: Understanding Apex Managed Sharing Record-Level Access: Under the Hood.
  • Designing Record Access for Enterprise Scale
  • REST API Developer’s Guide: Getting Started with the REST API
  • Introducing REST API
  • Lightning Components Developer’s Guide
  • Introducing Lightning Components
  • Apex Code Developer’s Guide: Debugging Apex
  • Developer Best Practices Checklist: Salesforce Developers Blog
  • Visualforce Performance: Best Practices
  • Apex Web Services and Callouts
  • Salesforce Reporting REST API Developer Guide
  • Salesforce Analytics API Hands-On Training Webinar
  • Salesforce Development Tools
  • Development Lifecycle Guide: Development Tools
  • Tools and Toolkits
  • Best practices for Unit Testing.
  • Workbench and Translation Workbench.
  • Chatter API
  • SOAP API for community login() and upser()
  • Transaction Control (Database.rollback())
  • Continuation in VF page
  • @future(callout=true) apex
  • Callout from batch Apex. Database.allowcallouts
  • Custom Setting and Metadata API.
  • Error handling in VF page and Dynamic SOQL with page performance
  • Opportunity Management -> Products, Pricebook and price book entry
  • Order of Execution
  • Security Model – Sharing rules, Permission set, OWD, Roles, and Profiles


Below are the links that I have referred: – 



Eagerly waiting to hear your success stories. Please post your experience here.

If you have any questions please tweet me @ cloudyamit 

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  1. Many Congratulations Amit for clearing the McQ round. And Thank you for sharing these tips and resources.

  2. congrats.. if possible let me know the question breakup ( percentage of question in lightning,apex, VF some thing like that). so its helps to focus with extra care in that area.. and did you get any same question from “”.


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