In this post, I am going to post some useful questions and answer related to Salesforce Lightning environment.

  1. What are the type of events into Salesforce Lightning component
    1. Application Event(Salesforce Document)
    2. Component Event
    3. System Event(Salesforce Document)
  2. What is the basic difference between Application Event and Component Event
    1. The major difference between application and component event is that component event is used in child to parent components and application event can be used through out the application.
  3. Which interface need to implement so that you can use lightning component as quick action.
    1. force:lightningQuickAction
  4. Which interface need to implement so that you can use lightning component as Tab like custom object and VF page.
    1. force:appHostable
  5. Can we use Lightning Component into VF page? If yes how?
    1. Yes, using lightning out functionality of salesforce lightning component.
    2. For more details see Here
  6. How can we call child component controller method from the parent component controller method?
    1. Yes, we can call using aura methods.
    2. Salesforce Document
  7. What are the different Lightning component bundles?
    1. Component
    2. Controller
    3. Helper
    4. Style
    5. Document
    6. Design
    7. SVG
    8. Rendrer
    9. More Info Here(Salesforce Document)
  8. What is the use of Document and Rendrer in lightning component?
    1. Document: – A description, sample code, and one or multiple references to example components
    2. Client-side renderer to override default rendering for a component.
  9. How to ensure FLS while working with Lightning Component?
    1. Lightning Data Services already ensures Field Level Security and we can also use into the Apex using isAccessible, isCreateable, isDeleteable, isCreateable and etc methods of Schema class.
  10. Why we should go for Lightning Component instead of VF pages?
    1. See Here
  11. Can we use fieldSet in the lightning component?
    1. Yes. We can use Lightning:RecordForm and provide the list of the Fields in fields attribute. For more information Refer Here
  12. How to navigate from one component to another component.
    1. We can use force:navigateToComponent
    2. OR we can use lightning:navigation
  13. Can we use PageReference in Lightning Component?
    1. Yes
  14. How to call Parent Component method from child component without using events?
    1. Yes. By using aura:action but the recommended way is to use Component Event.
  15. Comming soon!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions & Answers”

  1. How to call Parent Component method from child component without using events?
    Yes. By using aura:action but the recommended way is to use Component Event.

    ==>This is wrong. It should be aura:method

    1. This is not wrong. To call the Child Component JS Method we aura:method and to call the Parent Component JS method we aura:action. The question is for calling the Parent JS method from Child so the answer is aura:action

      Hope your confusion is clear.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Amit Singh

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