Salesforce PayPal Integration


In this session, we will show how you can easily connect the PayPal Payflow Pro payment gateway to Salesforce, in order to charge credit cards directly from Salesforce, either via embedded buttons.


  1. Purpose of Integration
  2. What is API?
  3. What is WebService?
  4. Live Demo
    1. Create a Paypal Account.
    2. Create Sandbox in PayPal Account.
    3. Paypal Connected App
    4. Paypal API
      1. Create Payment using Paypal Method
      2. Create Payment using Credit Card Method
      3. Create Order using API
      4. Create Invoice
      5. Send Invoice
      6. Create Product
      7. Create Product Subscription
  5. Object Structure of the Objects involved in Demo
  6. Walkthrough of how to set up the Integration and test API using Postman tool.
  7. Q & A

Here is the Link to Request Body that we used in our demo

image copyrights to #ApexHours

Here is the recording of the session

Here is the PPT involved used for presentation


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