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So, in this blog post we are going to talk about a real-time salesforce project which we will be implementing together. Benefit of taking this salesforce project will be that you will be able to get the idea about salesforce project and how to approach to solve a problem and many more.

So, without making any delay let’s talk about the salesforce project which we are going to implement. What all technology we will be using to implement.

Introduction to Project: – The project that we are going to implement is an Event Management project and we will be using Salesforce Internal and Community as well. This event management project can be for any company or event however we are managing the event for a fitness company called MAXFIT.

What are all technology involved in this project:- We are going to use below technology related to Salesforce


  1. Object, Field & Relationship
  2. Profile, Permission set & Roles
  3. OWD & Sharing Rules
  4. Community Setup


  1. Apex Class
  2. Apex Trigger
  3. Apex Batch
  4. Future Apex
  6. APEX Rest Services
  7. VS Code and LWC

Extra: – We will create a reusable Error Handling Framework which is useful not only for this project but for any project that you are working on.


Question 1 – Is there any pre-requisite for this course? If, yes from where we can learn?

Answer – Yes there are few pre-requisites for the course and you can get the link below. You do not need to have the in-depth knowledge as we already have covered most of the things in videos itself

  1. Admin part – Part 1 & Part 2
  2. Apex Development – Watch the complete playlist
  3. Integration – Watch here
  4. LWC – Here is the Playlist

Question 2 – How we can access the project?

Answer – To access the project, Click Here

This will be a good learning for all of you.

Happy Learning ๐Ÿ™‚

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