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In this post, We will learn all about Sharing Rules.

  1. Sharing Rules are used to open up the access to Salesforce Record on top of OWD and Role Hierarchy.
  2. Sharing rules only work if the OWD for the record is either Private or Public Read Only for any ( Default Internal or Default External ).
  3. When Sharing Rule is executed and open up the access to any record. Behind the scene, salesforce creates the record for Share Object.
  4. Share Object gets available for the object if the OWD is Private or Public Read Only.
  5. We can not share the Records with the user directly using Sharing Rules. But as a workaround, We can create a Public Group, add the user to the Public group and share the records with that public group.
Types of Sharing Rules in Salesforce

Using sharing rules, we can share the records with –

  1. Public Groups
  2. Roles
  3. Roles & Internal Subordinates
  4. Roles, Internal & Portal Subordinates

Here is the full video.

Sharing Rules in Salesforce

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