Recently, I have cleared Sharing & Visibility Designer Certificate and I would like to share some tips and trick and what are all the valuable resources where you can learn and will pass the certificate exam.

Here is the full Outline of the Exam: –

  • Declarative Sharing – 67%
  • Performance – 8%
  • Programmatic Sharing – 25%

4 Pillars of Salesforce Security Model

  • ORG Level Access  i.e Salesforce Access
  • Profile Level Access
  • Record Level Access
  • Field Level Access

Org Level Access:-

ORG Level access deals with the Basic Level of Security. So this level of Security comes into the Picture when the user is trying to access to Salesforce ORG that means trying to login into Salesforce environment. Find the Below Image for the same and Special Thanks for Jiten Joysar for the images.

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Profile Level Access

Profile level access deals with the Security of Profiles and Objects and decide which Profile has what kind of permission for a particular object. And also, decide which page layout, record types and various permission. Have a look into the below image.


Record Level Access

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Field Level Access


Salesforce Security at a Single Glance

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Below are some some other security related topics

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

SOQL Injection

Understand Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)


  1. Salesforce Trailhead
  2. I Code Cloud
  7. Salesforce: Sharing Cheat Sheet
  8. Territory Management Decision Guide
  9. Enterprise Territory Management Implementation Guide
  10. Who Sees What
  11. Record-Level Access: Under the Hood
  12. Enforcing CRUD and FLS
  13. Designing Record Access for Enterprise Scale
  14. Protecting Custom Sharing Code
  15. Behind the Scenes of Record Ownership in Salesforce
  16. Understanding With Sharing, Without Sharing & Unspecified Sharing Classes
  17. Shield Platform Encryption
  18. Using Apex Managed Sharing to Create Custom Record Sharing Logic
  19. Managing Lookup Skew in Salesforce to Avoid Record Lock Exceptions
  20. Full Study Material is actually documented by SFDC here

Good Luck for your exam and feel free to contact me @cloudyamit or [email protected] OR [email protected]

Happy Learning & Happy Sharing 🙂

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