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Welcome back & in this post we going to discuss the exciting features that are on their way in next Salesforce Release which is #Supper20. So let’s exploring the features one by one.

#1 – Salesforce Einstein Analytics

For Salesforce Einstein Analytics, we have below features.

  • Target Connection for Amazon S3
  • New Data Preparation tool : Navigate to Analytics -> Analytics -> Settings and then enable the feature
  • Template Gallery
  • Model Manager
  • Explore multiple DataSet using a single lens.
  • Live Connections ( Snowflake direct connector )
  • Manage Analytics Private Assets” a brand new Permission for “Einstein Analytics Platform Admin” permission set which enables to access the private assets that are inside Private Apps

#2 – Flow & Process Builders

  1. Now, after #Summer20 flow can execute in before save operations( before insert/update) that means if we have some logic which needs to be performed before a record gets saved into the Database we can use Flow and reduce the use of ApexTriggers
  2. Now, flow can be executed whenever there is any platform event occurs into Salesforce ORG.
  3. Create a Custom ReportType using Flow as Object and then track the activities of all automation.

Report on Flow Objet.

#3 – Reports & Dashboards

After #Summer20, we can send the attachment while scheduling the Report/Dashboards from Salesforce Lightning.

Navigate to Report & Dashboard Setting & Enable “Let users attach reports as files to report subscription emails in Lightning Experience” Setting

#4- Record Page Settings

Navigate to Setup -> Record Page Settings -> Enable Dynamic form & Split view.

  1. Dynamic forms for Custom Object: – Now we can put the filters for a field and can place the field anywhere in the app builder page without modifying the layout. It also improves the rendering.

#5 – New Standard Objects for Salesforce CPQ

We have got 3 standard objects which are related to Salesforce CPQ product and were part of the Managed package. After Summer20 these will be the standard object.

  1. Consumption Rate
  2. Consumption Schedule
  3. Product Consumption Schedule

#6 – In-App Guidance

#7 – Email Address Internationalization ( EAI )

#8 – Federation Id is case sensitive now.

#9 – Split View on Opportunities, Accounts & Contacts

Go to Opportunities Tab, Click on table view and then select Split View. Refer Screenshot.

Refer Screenshot for Accounts

#10 – More Features are coming soon….. Stay tuned with Us.

KeepBlazing, KeepLearning. Sharing is Caring 🙂

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