Compute Expression in Einstein Analytics

Compute expression is the most powerful tool which allows you to add additional fields, additional derived fields into the dataset without changing/altering the source data. In this blog, we are going to sort the stages based on our business need instead of using the standard sort order which does follow Read More

Result Binding in Salesforce Analytics

Hi Everyone, Welcome again, In this blog post, we will discuss how result binding in einstein analytics. Result Binding – Result binding is used to get the result from the Setp1 and use it in the second step. Let’s have a look into the below UseCase which will give a Read More

Bindings in Einstein Analytics Dashboards

When to use Bindings in EA Dashboards Multiple times there is a requirement to change the result of all other dashboards lenses/component whenever we are making any selection on any component in dashboard lense we need to use bindings. Binding makes your Dashboards widgets Interactive to interact with each other Read More

Einstein Analytics: SAQL Basic Elements

Hi Trailblazers, In this post, we are going to learn some basic concept of Salesforce Analytics Query Language. I also prefer to say Salesforce Awesome Query language. Here we are going to learn all the terminology which we will be using while working with salesforce analytics. Before we jump into Read More


In this tutorial, we will learn about the SAQL Functions, what are the different functions that we can use with SAQL to manipulate the data and represent in chart/dashboard. We will learn about below 2 types of SAQL functions: – Aggregate Functions Date Functions Aggregate Function:-  Aggregate function perform computations Read More


PLAY WITH EINSTEIN – SAQL OPERATORS Hi All, It has been a long time since I did not post anything about Einstein. Your wait is over and here I came with another set of the tutorial in which we will learn what are the basic SAQL Operators and basic introduction Read More


PLAY WITH EINSTEIN ANALYTICS PART 3 Hi All, hope you all are enjoying the tutorial series of Einstein Analytics. In the previous tutorial, we learned how we can create Application, Dashboards, Datasets, Lenses, and Steps into Einstein Analytics. So, on Day 3 we will learn the below topics. When to Read More