Prepare for your Salesforce JavaScript developer exam – Day 2

Hey everyone, we are back here with the day 2 of JavaScript Certification prepration. Here is the agenda for the day Arrays in JavaScript Array Methods in JavaScript Spread vs REST Operator in JS this keyword in JavaScript Arrow functions in JavaScript Object prototype and Prototype Chain Class and Class Read More

Prepare for your Salesforce JavaScript developer exam – Day 1

Hey Everyone, We have started the first session on JavaScript which will help you to get your Salesforce JavaScript Developer Exam. NiKil is our guest speaker for the complete series you can find more information about Nikil here Agenda for Day1 What is JavaScript Variables in JavaScript Rules for naming Read More

Enrich Your JS Skills with SFDCPanther & Nikhil Karkara

Hey Everyone, As Salesforce has introduced the new Superbadge for LWC and a new JavaScript Developer 1 Salesforce Certificate. SFDCPanther & Nikhil came-up with a new initiative where we are organizing 4 Online Sessions to learn about JavaScript. What is inside for me No matter if you are a beginner, Read More