Mulesoft Session #3 – Developing Mulesoft APIs Part 1

Hi #Muleys, We have completed the session #3 of our #Mulesoft For Beginners Series and below are the topics that we have covered. Part 1 MULE 4 – MESSAGE STRUCTURE Introduction to Anypoint Studio Mule 4 Project Structure Introduction to Flow, Sub-flow, and a Private Flow Part 2 HTTP – Read More

Choice, Scatter-Gather Router & Foreach in Mule 4

Dear #Trailblazers, Welcome back, this is the Episode #3 of Mulesoft ranger series and we are going to learn about below topics. Find the agenda for Mulesoft Series Episode #3 Subflow in Mule 4 A subflow is a scope that enables you to group event processors in a manner similar to that Read More