Mulesoft Session #3 – Developing Mulesoft APIs Part 1

Hi #Muleys, We have completed the session #3 of our #Mulesoft For Beginners Series and below are the topics that we have covered. Part 1 MULE 4 – MESSAGE STRUCTURE Introduction to Anypoint Studio Mule 4 Project Structure Introduction to Flow, Sub-flow, and a Private Flow Part 2 HTTP – Read More

Mulesoft Session #2 – Designing Mulesoft APIs

Hi Everyone, We have completed our second session We have covered the below topics in the Session. Create API Spec using RAML – Hands-On Create API Spec using RAMLfor Multiple Resources Using !include, types and type in RAML – Publish API specification to Exchange Here is the assignment for Session Read More

Mulesoft Tutorials – Session 1

Hi Everyone, We have started the MuleSoft series for absolute beginner. We have completed the first session. We have covered the below topics. What is Mulesoft? What is API? What is WebService? What is API-Led Connectivity? When to use mulesoft Here is the Video for the first session We will Read More

Choice, Scatter-Gather Router & Foreach in Mule 4

Dear #Trailblazers, Welcome back, this is the Episode #3 of Mulesoft ranger series and we are going to learn about below topics. Find the agenda for Mulesoft Series Episode #3 Subflow in Mule 4 A subflow is a scope that enables you to group event processors in a manner similar to that Read More

Mulesoft: Introduction to DataWeave & Transform message Episode #2

Hey Trailblazers, 🙂 Welcome back to Making an Integration Ranger Episode #2. Please find the agenda that we are going to learn today in Episode #2. Access Event Properties In some scenarios, we wanted to access the properties of the Event like the Query Parameters, URI parameters, Method, or other Read More

Introduction to Mulesoft

Hey Everyone, Welcome back, so today we are going to talk about what Mulesoft is how and how it plays a significant role in a business. Here is the agenda that we are going to discuss. What is Integration & why we need it?  Introduction to API Introduction to Mulesoft Read More

How to configure mulesoft Anypoint studio

How to configure mulesoft Anypoint studio Hi Floks, In this post, we will learn how we can download and configure Anypoint Studio in your own PC. Before you download and install Anypoint Studio, you need to install Java(JDK) as a prerequisite. Configure Java JDK for windows. Configure Java JDK Read More