A Salesforce Administrator’s Guide to Duplicate Management

Managing duplicate is an ongoing problem Salesforce administrators are dealing with on a daily basis and as the volume of data grows, this problem only worsens. This is why Salesforce administrators are always on the lookout for new methods and tools that could help them deal with this problem. We Read More

Create Contact/Lead from the business card using Einstein OCR API

Hey Everyone, Welcome back 🙂 , In this blog post, we are going to learn how to read the details from the Business Card or Visiting card and then create either lead/contact or any custom object record. To read the business card we need to send the task body parameters Read More

JWT Demystifying

Hey everyone, welcome back, in this post we are going to learn how to implement the JWT authentication using Apex in Salesforce. Sometimes you want to authorize servers to access data without interactively logging in each time the servers exchange information. For these cases, you can use the OAuth 2.0 Read More

Setup Entitlement & Milestone in Salesforce

In this blog post, We are going to learn how to Setup Entitlement & Milestone in Salesforce. Entitlements are units of customer support in Salesforce, such as “phone support” or “web support.” They’re typically used to represent terms in service agreements. Learn More here Milestones are added to entitlement processes Read More

Publish Subscribe Model in Salesforce Lightning Web Component

Pub-Sub in Lightning Web Component

Dear #Trailblazers, Welcome back 🙂 to new blog post. In this blog post we are going to talk about Publish Subscribe model in Lightning Web component. Before We start let’s learn about what Pub ( Publish ) – Sub ( Subscribe ) model is. Pub-Sub Model Is used to transfer Read More

Create Reusable Dependent Picklist in Lightning Web Component

Hi Folks, Today I came up with a new blog for the reusable dependent picklist. In this blog, you guys will see how to create a reusable generic picklist without using apex so let’s get started. Before we start development, let’s talk about the use case & Solution. Use Case: Read More

Setup Omni-Channel in Salesforce Lightning

Welcome back Dear #Trailblazers 🙂 , This blog post is to guide how to set up Omni-Channel in your Salesforce environment and increase the productivity of your agents. Introduction to Omni-Channel Omni-Channel is a flexible, customizable feature, and you can configure it declaratively—that is, without writing code. Use Omni-Channel to Read More